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Welcome to Rosengren Engineering

Welcome to safety services

Safety for personnel, protection of the environmental and the integrity of the equipment are key elements for the manufacturing industry.

RGE assist your company with management of risk and optimising of your protection systems.

Not only must the technical systems be optimised; also the organisation and procedures must be optimised in order to ensure the integrity of your installations.

The right competence of the employees are also essential, we provide safety training of your employees



We provide services to the following industries:

Offshore Oil & Gas sector

Hydrocarbon Processing

Oil & Gas distribution



Paint and Coat industry

Installations in Hazardous areas

RGE classify Hazardous areas and assist with development of procedures for installation and maintenance of equipment in the hazardous areas.

We train you employees and provide the required competence



RGE offers training courses within the following areas:

  • Functional Safety – IEC 61508/61511
  • Installations in Hazardous areas
  • ATEX Directives

Is your plant sufficiently protected?
Do you comply with IEC 61508/61511?
Do you have a hazard areas classification plan?
Have your employees the required competences to manage technical risk?

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